България - Комплекс Лили Бийч

Bulgaria is located the South-Eastern Europe, in the eastern part of the Balkans. To the east the country borders Black Sea; to the north by the Danube River the country borders Romania, to the west – Serbia and Macedonia and to the south – Greece and Turkey. The capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, is also its biggest city and the second oldest city in Europe. It was founded 7000 years ago.

Bulgaria was founded in 681 by a union of Slavs (local people) and Protobulgarians (came from Western Asia) with Turkic origin.

Interesting facts about Bulgaria:

  • John Atanasov, Bulgarian by origin, invented the first personal computer with a modern look.
  • Bulgaria produces half of the world production of rose oil.
  • Bulgaria is the oldest European country. There you can see the oldest orthodox church in the world.

Bulgaria is a fast developing tourist destination with unique and picturesque nature. From the sandy beaches on the Black Sea, where the Black Sea resorts Sozopol, Kiten, Primorsko and Sunny Beach are located, to the Bulgarian winter resorts Bansko, Borovets and Pamporovo, tourists enjoy the beauty of both sea and mountains.

Official holidays in Bulgaria are:

1st January - New Year

3rd March – The day of Liberation - National holiday in Bulgaria

1st May – Labour Day

6th May – St. George’s Day; Day of the Bulgarian Army

24th May – Day of Bulgarian Culture and Education and Day of the Slavonic Literacy

6th September – Day of Unity

22nd September – Independence Day

1st November – Day of the National Revival Leaders

24th, 25th, 26th December – Christmas

As in most countries, in Bulgaria there are also some typical dishes, associated with the celebration of some folk and religious celebrations. Among them are cabbage rolls, stuffed peppers, sauerkraut, “kozunak” and “banitsa”.

Traditional dishes that you should try when in Bulgaria:

“musaka”- potatoes with meat, covered with sauce of yoghurt and eggs; all baked in the oven

“tarator” – cold soup with yoghurt, cucumber, dill and grated walnut

“shkembe chorba”- hot soup with giblets