Созопол -Комплекс Лили Бийч

Sozopol is the oldest town on the Bulgarian Black sea coastline. It is not only one of the most beautiful sea resorts but also the best choice for all romantics and connoisseurs of the Antiquity. Sozopol is a favourite place for summer vacations of both Bulgarians and foreign tourists. The town is situated on a rocky peninsula, just 35 km away from Bourgas.

The Ancient Sozopol is an architectural reserve. Most of the buildings are built during the XIX wooden fishermen’s houses. Among the architectural landmarks of the Ancient Sozopol is the building of the fishermen school, situated on a small island named Saint Kirik.

Sozopol is famous for its white sand beaches and romantic atmosphere. The Central beach of Sozopol is located in the old part of the town and Harmani beach – in the new part. Close by are situated several camping places, most famous among them being “Kavatsi” and “Smokinya” with their clean, quiet and large sandy shores. Other often visited camping places in the area are “Garden”and “Golden Fish”.

Interesting facts:

  • A boulevard, built 60 years ago and a lovely park connect the old and the new part of Sozopol. A monument not to miss there is the memorial arch of the local people, who died in the Balkan War and the two World Wars.
  • A beautiful collection of Greek vases can be seen in the archeological museum not far from Sozopol. The locals pride for their church “Virgin Mary”.
  • The area of Harmani was named so because of the mills, called “harmani”, located in this part of Sozopol in the past. Nowadays there are no mills but their image is still a symbol of Sozopol.

During the excavations in Sozopol in 2012 the remains of two medieval burials were found. Archaeologists believe that the breasts of the skeletons were pierced by iron nails. They also explain that such precautions were taken in the past for fear of vampires and the possibility that they could come out of their graves.